My Story

I Am An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle Wrapped in Mystery...

My Name is Gemini Killer aka Bklyn's Best Kept Secret...Born & Raised in Brooklyn, NYC. Gemini Killer means "There's 2 Sides to Every Story & Every Story Begins and Ends with Pain". I also represent the Twins...Ying and Yang, Good and Bad, Darkness and Light, Wrong and Right, etc. 

My Music is defined by my Mixtape Series "The Worst of Gemini Killer Vol.1 - Vol.15" (20 songs & freestyles each mixtape) created since 2003. Im the James Patterson of Rap, The Steven King of Hip Hop, & The Davinici Code of Lyricism. My Music embodies Real Life Lessons, Street Life, Horror, Storytelling, Comedy, the Elements of Hip Hop, Knowledge, Killuminati, Lyrics, Sex, Life & Death, NYC Flow, Bargame, Black History, Gang Culture, Family, Commerical & Underground Songs, Production, Heartfelt Music, Freestyles, Battle Raps, & much more...... Also, My other Mixtape Project called "ThrowBackz 2da Future Vol.1 & Vol.2" where I remixed classics and rapped over or with the Greatest Music Icons such as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Beres Hammond, Old School Hip Hop Instrumentals, Anita Baker, Michael Jackson, Reggae Hits, and other inspirational artists from back in the days!!! My Music is on every website from CDBaby, ITunes, AudioMack, SoundCloud, Youtube, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, BandCamp, ReverbNation, Spotify, Tidal, Myspace, DatPiff & 2000+ others.... Just Google "Gemini Killer" and discover Lyrical Greatness!!!!!! 

I love 2 listen 2 heartfelt & inspirational music such as Gospel, Reggae, R&B Soul, and DooWop. Before I write I listen 2 Luther Vandross & real music, emotional shit that'll make you cry, But my love for Hip Hop started when I heard these 2 artists: Slick Rick & Big Daddy Kane!! My whole style embodies these 2 G.O.A.Ts. The Art of Storytelling by Slick Rick (A Children's Story) & the Lyrical Precision and Witty Bars of Big Daddy Kane (Aint No Half Steppin') inspired me to Kill All Wack Rappers!!!!

 Like Notorious B.I.G said "I got a Story 2 Tell'..... I write music for myself cause its Therapeutic also, I believe Im one of the best 2 ever do it. My Older Brother "Sniper" died at the age of 19 and he was the reason I ever heard Hip Hop everyday in the house, bringing my ears 2 Slick Rick & BDK. So I wanted 2 write a song for him (R.I.P).
Now I'm the epitome of Hip Hop and I started writing in 1995, then release my 1st Mixtape in 2003 independently under Army of Darkness Entertainment as C.E.O.....
Being the Leader of gangs in my neighborhood kinda of sidetracked me in the late 90's & 2000's, being shot 7 times, gun charges, and spending 2 years in Rikers Island, Upnorth NY State, the Box & in Attica Prison convinced me that I am here for a bigger purpose: to inspire the world!!! So I started 2 release my music online fearing that I might die one day and I felt my message is too powerful 2 be forgotten or unheard. If I can inspired at least 1 person in cold, cold world, then that is my Success!!!


"The Birth of Gemini Killer"

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